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This poem stemmed from a prompt with the GCD Writers' Guild based on Psalm 19, how God's creation displays his majesty.

Green canopy blazes gold,

Bee balm colors and bends.

The Calla Lilies open late and curl,

Vinca sprawls along forest floor.

Cypress Spurge stands like bottlebrush,

Hydrangea blooms grow crisp,

And pokeweed berries poisonous,

But not so for birds—

The cardinal rips a magenta berry

From stalks whose leaves soon wilt.

More weeds dot paths and overtake,

Yet among all that spans,

Branches, vines, brambles, lean to embrace Light's warmth.


I don't know much about writing poems, but I like this quote from author Chris Baron who says, “In a poem—every word, every space, every break, every mark or absence of a mark, every single move is deliberate.”



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