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Timarie Friesen leads an online community of 100+ writers at Gospel-Centered Discipleship's Writers’ Guild and is also an editor at Owl's Nest Publishers.


Her writing can be found at GCD and Fathom Mag and also on her blog. 




A short bio:


I love writing and reading. At first, I wrote what I knew—backyard chickens, the Eiffel Tower, and poems for relatives at Christmas. I studied French and Spanish in college so my creative thinking detoured as I dissected root words and sentence structures. Then I became a mom and began reading stories to my children. The years we spent meandering through Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings inspired me to write my own stories again.


Reading widely and befriending writers in writers' groups has helped me craft words better—especially in giving and receiving feedback—and led to opportunities in publishing. I'm on staff with both GCD and Owl's Nest and enjoy working with writers and stories.


When I write, I hope to display—when possible—the beauty of God's creation and the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Here are some of my articles GCD has published.

Timarie and her family live in Iowa.

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