Hello, my name is Timarie.


I write stories, poetry, articles, and blog posts.

My husband Mark and I are Californians living in the Midwest. 

Stories compel and console.


As a child, I wrote my first story soon after I learned to form and sound out letters. It was about a lost bear rescued by a spider who feeds him bugs and leads him home. I wrote stories about what I knew: backyard chickens, the Eiffel Tower, and sometimes poems for relatives at Christmas.


In college I wrote stories in French and Spanish (because my studies required it) but the difficulty dampened my creative thinking.


Then I became a mom and began reading stories aloud to my children. A few years spent meandering through Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings inspired me to write my own stories again.


I made a website, connected with other writers, and joined two writers’ groups where, over time, giving and receiving feedback has grown and propelled me.


Online publications have considered my pieces and published them, such as, Gospel-Centered Discipleship and Fathom Magazine.


I aim to display the beauty of God and his creation and the good news of Jesus Christ when I write, because in a world where all is not right, stories compel and console.


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Member and director of Gospel-Centered Discipleship Writers’ Guild

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