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Hello, my name's Timarie.


I love writing and reading. 

Stories compel and console.


I wrote my first story in kindergarten about a lost bear. He's rescued by a spider who feeds him bugs and leads him home.


Growing up, I wrote what I knew: backyard chickens, the Eiffel Tower, and poems for relatives at Christmas.


In college I wrote stories in French and Spanish—because my studies required it—and my creative thinking detoured as I dissected root words and sentence structures.


Then I became a mom and began reading stories aloud to my children. The years we spent meandering through Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings inspired me to write my own stories again.


I made a website, connected with other writers, and joined two writers’ groups where, over time, giving and receiving feedback has grown and propelled me.


Gospel-Centered Discipleship and Fathom Magazine have published some of my pieces.


When I write, I aim to display the beauty of God's creation and the good news of Jesus Christ. In a world where all is not right, stories compel and console. 


Drop me an email at timariefriesenwrites@gmail.com.

I lead an online community of 100+ writers at Gospel-Centered Discipleship's Writers’ Guild.

I'm also an editor at Owl's Nest Publishers.

Find me on Twitter to learn more.

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