Hello. I'm Timarie Friesen. My family and I live near the Mississippi River in Iowa. Having grown up in California, I miss the ocean, but the Mississippi River is a soothing comfort in its similarities to the sea. Gulls and pelicans fly over it, the water changes in color and depth, and it makes for a thousand possibilities of stories.


    My main comfort, though, is in the trustworthiness of God. I began to love Jesus after reading more about him in the Bible. And so, while my writing often incorporates storytelling within the setting of the Mississippi River, it often includes talking about Jesus, too. I hope others will enjoy the fictional stories I've created and my blog posts about reading and writing. 

    With feedback from a local writers' group, I completed two books for young readers. I started contributing to other writers' articles, and learned to enjoy editing. My husband Mark is a big supporter of me writing, and encouraged me to begin this website. My son helped design the website, and my daughter edits my blog and stories.