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Songs from a Friday

The songs plop you down in the middle of Jerusalem the week before that first Easter. Golgotha is the title of the album, and the band is called Poor Bishop Hooper.

Consider an eagle flying overhead. I saw one as I drove across town, and the sunlight glinted off his white tail and head. While I dodged grimy puddles of melting snow, above me this eagle soared, his viewpoint an entire landscape with hints of spring unfolding. Today, we have an eagle-eye view in regards to Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. But for the disciples, the friends who knew Jesus, their view was more like a mud-stained, messy road.

On Golgotha, the lyrics express feelings of anguish and fear from events before and at the cross. Peter laments over denying Jesus. Simon of Cyrene and Joseph of Arimathea each have a unique role in the Easter story. Others include the women who weep for Jesus, and the thief on the cross next to Jesus who experiences God’s grace. Contemplate Christ’s betrayal and trial, and Christ crucified, with songs that inspire a spirit of worship and wonder. The final song hints at his resurrection, a Christian’s ultimate reason for hope.


Writing Prompt: Listen to Poor Bishop Hooper's Golgotha album from the band's website. Can you picture something you hadn’t pondered before about Christ Jesus? Write about it.

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