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Snail Mail

A lady in my writers’ group writes poetry and narrative with brilliant imagery about her childhood growing up in Iowa. But during the pandemic, she’s turned her writing gift another direction and exchanges letters with the elderly in nursing homes.

When I saw a writing prompt about hospitality during the pandemic, I thought of her and others who serve and love their communities in creative ways. Card-senders are probably the minority, but God made each of us individually with different strengths and talents.

I like sending cards so much; people might cringe and think, Oh, no, she sent a thank-you note again? If they know I’m a writer, maybe they will excuse me for my compulsive hobby. But then, I hope it’s not just unnecessary card-writing, and instead shows they are remembered.

In God’s kingdom, we are all valuable and every person on this earth bears his image. So, whether I write or say hello to someone on the street, I hope to do so with that in mind.

While lengthy letters can have their place of meaning, consider how a short text message to check on a friend or an acquaintance can impact during this lonely time in the pandemic. No one expects the punctuation or the sentence structure to be perfect. If there’s any purpose, it’s to connect, and to consider the other person.


Writing Prompt – Write a note to someone in your neighborhood or church community who might be feeling forgotten during these past months because of the pandemic.



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