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"River Walk"

Update: Fathom Magazine published my poem in Issue 44, September 2021.

“Let’s not,” I say,

As I hand the shell back.

“I don’t want a pocket of sand today.”

But still, I keep combing the shore.

My pocket fills up more and more.

With dull-colored river clams,

Spirally snails,

Barnacled ones remind me of whales.

Some shine iridescent on the ground.

They capture my view,

I neglect every sound.

An eagle circles over fanned-out trees,

And wind churns the river as if it were sea.

I dig with my toe

To uncover one more.

Broken, chipped, I toss to the floor.

My family stands gathered.

I raise my head,

Let go of the shell, and join them instead.


Writing Prompt: Write about a struggle. If possible, resolve it. (For example, in the Bible, the latter part of Romans 7 is about Paul’s struggle, and Romans 8 offers the solution).



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