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Kaleidoscope Wish

100-word fiction story I wrote for the University of Iowa Microstory Contest.

Grandpappy layered kale and cauliflower between handfuls of frozen pineapple into the blender. I added a scoop of strawberries, then he snapped the lid into place. A kaleidoscope shone through the glass. Stars and hexagons, rainbows – I wish for Grandmammie’s cancer to melt away!

When the blender stopped, the kaleidoscope glimmered army green. “Your Grandmammie, she’s a fighter,” Grandpappy said, eyeing the glass he just poured, determined he’d turn gray clouds into sunshine.

And fight she did that summer we made her smoothies.

“Kale?” she’d gripe, as she took small sips. But I’d see her smile curve behind the cup.


The University of Iowa's online contests happen a few times a year and are open to all. It gives me a nudge to stop and create on a deadline, when otherwise I'd postpone writing until I'm sure of a story.

These past few months I've been leading an online writers' group where we do regular writing prompts. Writing toward a theme or goal with a small word-count helps fuel creativity. Some of my blog posts stem from these.



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