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Islands Away

Something floated on the water. Benny saw it as he swam in the bay not far from shore. It drifted away from him and headed out to sea. He treaded water, but hesitated and turned back to the beach.

The last treasure he found made his sisters quarrel over whose it was to keep. Things drifted up all the time on the island.

As Benny waded in the soft, wispy seaweed, a group of fish darted past him like shiny arrowheads. Then he climbed out of the bay and stepped onto the sand where he’d left his canoe.


Writing Prompt: Islands Away is a short novel I wrote years ago when my son was a reluctant reader. It begins with the above 100 words. Although I tried to get it published, it's one of those projects that always needs revising. But, when I view 100 words at a time, a big task seems possible. To tackle a writing project, break off bite-sized chunks to make the goal feasible. Write 100 words in a sitting. Or, choose to revise in the same manner. Who knows, maybe someday Islands Away will be a real book.


Above photo taken by my brother, Jordan Szabo.



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