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In Memory of the Cabin

We hovered over our screens awaiting news of the Creek Fire in California. Maps showed its spreading and our extended family’s cabin sat in its path. Then, confirmation came and photos showed the loss. If all the memories and words about the cabin could be stacked up, they’d stretch taller than the Sierras.

And so, my words here are few. Some relatives processed the loss with Facebook posts, and many texts and phone calls were exchanged. The writer in me reached for a sheet of lined paper. And then I found when I quietly wrote, it helped me reflect and remember. Just a few paragraphs; a tribute to a place where vacations were spent and laughter was heard. A place the family will talk about for years and years.


Writing Prompt: Write a tribute to a relative who is no longer with you. In reflecting, you may discover what you wrote could encourage others, or help them remember that person you miss. How can the hope of eternity, because of Christ, find its way into the story?



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