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Go On, Birdie

Most of the robins flew off soon as the ground froze. I imagined one straggler and wrote a haiku:

Robin balanced high

On a barren branch, cold sky

Southward beckons, fly!

Some friends and I are writing haikus because there was a contest circulating. Write a winter-themed haiku for a chance to win some University of Iowa bookstore prizes.

What's a haiku? I googled. A non-rhyming poem of three lines with a 5-7-5 syllable pattern.

My above haiku rhymes, by mistake, so here it lies, as a present to you, Reader. I chose another for the contest, one with a blue jay.

Favorite part of the challenge: The friends I told then wrote their own haikus. It's easy, non-intimidating. Haikus are — well, try to write one — then you'll see.


Writing Prompt: Haiku challenge (winter-themed, Advent-themed, nature-themed).

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