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Downtown Windows

“Pray for God to be glorified,” Lynn texted, when I asked about her upcoming concert.

An unusual reply, since I’d written, “What time should I arrive to get a seat?”

Mainly, I wanted a glimpse of Tiffany stained glass windows inside the downtown building.

But also, Lynn reads my blog. She sits in my audience, attentive to the stories I tell. Here was a chance to reciprocate as she sang soprano accompanied by a grand piano.

Had she prayed her audience would be moved to worship? I thought, driving home after the performance.

Worship exuded from Lynn. Her silver-flecked hair shone and her meek smile parted to deliver hymns both old and new.

Stained-glass images blurred to my wet eyes.

As Lynn sang, “Be Unto Your Name,” I silently worshiped.


Lynn is a fictional name for a woman in my community who sings for God's glory.



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